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Behind the Scenes 

A little bit of Fun at the end of a day of Filming...

Talk of Alabama Segment

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Tile Man Mike Show

Brand New TV show Hosted by Tile Man Mike, will lead viewers on a journey to reveal the amazing Art of Tile and Stone.

Renowned Master Craftsman, Tile Man Mike and other Top Pros, will show-off their amazing skills and unique talents by creating beautiful and artful projects that are sure to impress!


Secret techniques, new tools, technological advances, cool designs, and powerful tips for Homeowners will be paired with a Format to entertain viewers.

From a Craftsman's unique methods, crazy hobbies/interests to

...taking care of Customers' animals, setting off fire alarms, truck breakdowns and other interruptions, will keep viewers engaged every week. Join Tile Man Mike through the life of a Master Artisan, and see many beautiful projects Viewers would love to have in their Home.

Behind the Scenes 

 Episode #1


Tile Man Mike takes time to enjoy HIs newly installed Exterior Patio.

Porcelain Floor for an Exterior Deck

This is an exterior deck with an occupied space below with several  challenging components. From daily weather conditions to designing the  proper slope for water management, required a well planned strategy with contingencies in place.

Special waterproofing, full-bodied porcelain tile, mortar bed applications and a single component grout, made for a long lasting and functional project for our Customer.

"....I cannot recommend highly enough the services of --"Tile Man Mike."  Our project was a great success, looks fabulous and is finally a functional piece of our home.  We came away from the project with, not only a great finished product, but with friends that I will always be happy to recommend for a job"

Kelley Warren

My Mission Declared...

Where Did it Begin?

More than 30 years ago, Alabama Native, Tile Man Mike,  began His  career in the Tile & Stone profession. He has logged more than 40000 hours with an accomplished record of providing amazing works of Art in both Residential and Commercial applications.

His intimate involvement with the Industry has given Him a valuable perspective of the needs for the Craft.

Through His countless hours of installations, Tile Man Mike began to identify specific areas requiring change. Primarily, education and training were the central components needing an overhaul.

In 2013, Tile Man Mike began to develop a strategic plan which would create a powerful synergy in the Tile and  Stone Market.

"I knew I had to reveal this Craft on a large Stage to get it noticed and then begin to fundamentally address the problems facing the Industry."

It is clear, Reality TV, has dominated the TV Industry for the past several years and Tile Man Mike knew this would be the "Stage" He needed.

He knew He had to start this on His own. So His next step was begin to film His own projects with the help of His tile crew. He knew there was much to learn and began to discover how to deliver His message in front of a Camera.

As the next year passed, Tile Man Mike knew He had to move to the next level and find a Videographer and Editor to help produce a "Pilot".  Good fortune lead Him to find Hunter Davis, a recent Film graduate at UAB in

This task proved much more difficult than Tile Man Mike had anticipated. For the next 2 months, filming 2 projects in Birmingham and a trip to Orlando for the Tile Expo was overwhelming to say the least.

Passion and determination ultimately won the challenge, and the 1st pilot was complete and ready for distribution to selected organizations and Entertainment Producers.

The first interest came from 7 time Grammy Award Producer, Keith Thomas (www.keiththomas.com). Keith began to help with the project in the beginning only as a Consultant. 

Tile Man Mike began to explore many possibilities and remained steadfast in this endeavor. Several months after the Pilot was completed, Bart Bettiga, Director of the National Tile Contractors Association believed Tile Man Mike had what He called "a home run".

Patience became the greatest challenge for  the next year. However, that patience paid off when Keith Thomas (Levosia Entertainment)  agreed to Produce the Show for Tile Man Mike. In addition, the National Tile Contractors Association is considering a Partnership with the Show.

Tile Man Mike is now ready to begin Filming amazing tile & stone projects, and share those experiences with Viewers.

Plans are to Air the show In Birmingham and across the Country once filming and post-production is complete. (Stay connected to our website for Show release dates)

At this time, Tile Man Mike is looking for Homeowners who would like their project featured in the Show. Click here for an online submission and maybe we will feature your project in our 1st Season.

My Vision.....

Tile Man Mike sees His work as Art. The Tools are His "brushes", the Tile/Stone products are His "paint", and the project area is His "canvas".

Definition of Art-"Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings."  


"I love to take an idea from a Customer, which is immaterial, and make it real and tangible."


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In the Beginning....

Produced by Tile Man Mike

Check out some of the first attempts to share the Vision.

"These vids were filmed by my tile crew"

Tile Man Mike to the Rescue in Tuscaloosa...